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A meal to remember: The bird in a bird in a bird with sausages (wrapped in bacon) in the middle

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It had been spoken of many times, but never had we braved the epic Bird in a bird in a bird with a sausage in the middle… that was until December 2011.

With the weight of the bags pulling heavily on our arms as we returned back to the flat from our local butchers, we knew – this was going to be big! How big I think we all underestimated. As James began using his surgeon-like skills (*coughs* showing off *coughs*) to debone each bird, namely a turkey, a chicken and a pheasant and laying one into another in between layers of stuffing, half of the group looked on – their eyes greedily lighting up with hunger whilst the other half looked on – slightly worried (was this actually going to fit into our oven?). It took 3 of us to pull the birds back together and execute stitching smart enough to hem a prom dress.

Having never cooked such a large amount of meat before, we all agreed that after 2 hours we would check on our beaut, so sat, drinking our vino. Then, disaster, someone had accidentally turned the oven off by mistake – 2 hours in and our epic meal wall still a pile of raw meat! At this point, some of us turned back to the bottle (the boys “went to take out the rubbish” – to the local pub?) and some of us stropped (me).

However, we always pull through and by midnight the S&H team were sat, happily lubricated with wine with a massive portion of meat, veg and potatoes… needless to say, for the next few days our lunches consisted mainly of cold mixed meat!




Author: soberandhungry

we love wine, we love food and we love sharing

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