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A meal to remember: mountains of Buffalo cheese, handmade pasta and more…


This epic meal was thought up after the S&H Team had been to visit the village in Italy that Marco and Agnese come from. After devouring a lot of very fresh Buffalo Mozzarella in Italy we did some research to see if we could find cheese of a similar quality here in London and Marco discovered Laverstoke Farm – Much to our delight we discovered that we could order the cheese online and it would be delivered straight to our doorstep for the weekend. A few clicks later and £30 out of pocket we had ordered large Buffalo Mozzarella balls, Buffalo Bocconcini, organic Buffalo Milk Brie and Buffalo Ricotta. Marco invested in a brand new ravioli cutter… we meant business!

We were all giddy as the day of the meal was upon us! With the mixed antipasti we tackled the Buffalo Mozzarella balls, we all agreed that we preferred the larger ball to the Bocconcini version and we were very please to find that the cheese was much fresher and milkier that you would get from your favorite supermarket.

Marco showed us how a professional creates pasta using Nonna’s recipe… we had to steady the table against the wall as he used his whole body to kneed the doe into a workable pasta ball before pressing it through a pasta machine. From this he created tagliatelle and ravioli – which he stuffed with some Buffalo Ricotta. James tackled the sauces – chopping up pig’s trotters for the tagiatelle and creating an amazing tomato based pork ragu to go onto the ravioli.

At this point it would be fair to say that we were all rather stuffed and some of us (me) had been pretending to be a wine tasting concur – or at least I had been tasting all the wines… we managed to slow roast the Pork Belly however, the celeriac mash, pan fried brussels sprouts with truffle oil in a port and cider sauce never emerged. However, the boys rather enjoyed munching on Pork Belly and avocado sandwiches the morning after…

Check out the pictures below! Yummm

S&H Team


Author: soberandhungry

we love wine, we love food and we love sharing

5 thoughts on “A meal to remember: mountains of Buffalo cheese, handmade pasta and more…

  1. Yum indeed! Thanks for sharing – sounds like you all had a wonderful weekend.

  2. I love this!!! I want to be involved in these tastings!

  3. Thanks for all the likes guys! It was epic!

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