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A meal to remember: New Years Eve 2012

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Never ones to shy away from a challenge, this New Years Eve S&H provided part of the catering for the New Years Eve party that we had been invited to. Collating our thoughts and ourselves together at 11am we gazed over the menu and the mission that lay ahead of us. The brief “an Italian / English fusion” (so we all stuck to what we know best). The aperitivo, starter and dessert were to be supplied by our party host whilst we took on the task of the Primi and Secondi courses for 10 guests (including the hosts mother-in-law – yipes!)


Armed with a raviolo cutter and as defiant as a warrior going to war, Marco began hand making 150 ravioli. This was no mean feat. After creating his pasta dough and mixing 2 kilos of very fresh ricotta that had been bought in Naples the day before (we will explain about cheese transportation in another blog) with mint, the process of carefully filling, folding and cutting the raviolo began. A back breaking 4 hours later we had several trays of perfectly made pasta treats hiding in the corners of most of the rooms!

Alongside him James created a fresh mushroom duxelle that was to be one of the layers for two epic Beef Wellingtons (some of which slipped into a few of the ravioli for us to try – we are going to start a ravioli company where you can choose your fillings because mushroom and ricotta is amazing, but I digress). Earlier in the morning he had been to visit the local butcher and had purchased two incredibly succulent beef fillets which he part cooked for 20 mins and allowed to cool. He covered each of them in a layer of mushroom, wrapped them in Parma ham and chilled them in the fridge so that they were firm enough to handle. He then egg washed and wrapped both in a layer of puff pastry. These were then placed back in the fridge, ready to be cooked later. He then created yet another show stopping chicken and lamb ragu tomato sauce for the ravioli.

We tarted ourselves up, loaded the food and went to the party! On arrival we enjoyed some bruschette and Spritz. We then got down to business, cooking and eating and enjoyed the following menu:

  • Apreitivo: Bruschette, anchovies and squid in Ink
  • Starter: Scallops on mint pea pure with bacon
  • Primi: Raviolli in a tomato sauce
  • Secondi: Beef Wellington served with grilled confit potato and peas
  • Dolce: Tiramisu

The next day we polished off the left over Ravioli (eyes bigger than our stomachs, again) with the ragu that had developed some serious flavors overnight and was even more spectacular the second time around.

Happy New Year everyone. The Sober and Hungry team are very much looking forward to all the food we are going to cook, share and eat this year!



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we love wine, we love food and we love sharing

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