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S&H Suprise Checker Cake

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For two whole days the S&H Team have been waiting with baited breath to see if their “Surprise Cake” was going to hit the mark. The plan (if it went to plan) was to create a checkered cake; something Katie had become obsessed with after seeing a YouTube video. When cutting into such a dessert, the ‘slicee’ is amazed by the checkered affect inside the cake…determined to succeed and impress our friends who we had not seen for two years, we threw ourselves into the challenge…
10 - The Suprise For a checker cake you need to create three single layers of cake that differ in colour. We chose a chocolate layer, a standard Victoria sponge layer and a Victoria sponge layer with food colouring to create a variation. In previous blogs we have shared our favorite chocolate cake recipe* and our fluffiest Victoria sponge recipe**. We baked them the night before in 8inch cake tins and constructed the cake in the morning.

How to make a checker cake (the pictures and video below will help!)

  1. Use a 10cm and 5 cm pastry cutter to cut each layer into two doughnuts and a circle
  2. Trim the smaller circle and larger doughnut by a few mm to make space for the butter icing
  3. Put butter icing the around each layer (ensuring that you get it into every crevice)
  4. Carefully place one inside the other reconstructing each layer from the three sponges
  5. Cover the whole cake in more butter icing
  6. Put fondant icing on the cake – we have watched many videos on YouTube this lady is the best:
  7. Decorate as you like…
  8. Then slice! It is magical…
  1. *Chocolate layer ref: November 6, 2012 we used half of the mix for a single layer
  2. **Victoria sponge layer ref: October 23, 2012 and increase the measure to 110g for a single layer, omitting the lemon

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we love wine, we love food and we love sharing

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