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A meal to remember: Easter Feast 2013

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Although between us we could not profess to having partaken in a forty-day period of fasting prior to the Easter weekend; it had been a while since we had arranged an S&H meal to remember! This had to be rectified and our Easter Feast 2013 turned into somewhat of a Master Chef skills test as we stretched our culinary skills creating some of our best food to date!

Our antipasto instantly raised the steaks – Homemade Cured Fillet of Beef. This is a timely process in which a whole fillet of beef is cured for 3 days covered in salt,  sugar and rosemary. It is worth being patient as the final product is an intense, melt in your mouth explosion! We served this with finely chopped celeriac, creme fraiche and French mustard salad along with some buffalo mozzarella (standard!)… and washed it down with some French red wine.

This was followed by a traditional dish from Milan. A superb Saffron Risotto. This was cooked with Homemade Chicken Stock and dried saffron that gave the risotto its famed rich yellow colour.

We had a last minute change for the main. Initially we planned to cook Ox Tail, but after visiting the butcher it was decided that the Ox Tail just was not big enough! So we bought the Ox Tail for another occasion and also bought a shin of beef.

The Shin of Beef was Stuffed with Sausage Meat and Wrapped in Caul Fat. Then braised for 4 hours in brandy, port and red wine … we then braised ourselves in a similar fashion!

We enjoyed a couple of desserts. Firstly munching down on some homemade and decorated chocolate cupcakes followed by some rum cake that had traveled all the way from Barbados to the S&H table. We washed this down with some dessert wine and whiskey…

Easter Cup Cake

The recipes for the bits in bold will follow.

We hope you all had a great Easter too!



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we love wine, we love food and we love sharing

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