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Game of Thrones Cake Topper – King’s Landing

Our latest creation has been a chocolaty version of King’s Landing from GOT. Our building materials included many of our favourite chocolate treats including chocolate Fingers, Rolos, After Eights, a chocolate log, ORIOS, mini chocolate rolls, Caramel Buttons and White Buttons – all cemented together with melted chocolate.

Finished topper

We started with a picture of King’s Landing from the opening sequence and worked out how our materials would be best utilised to construct the castle. The large chocolate roll formed the base of the castle with the mini chocolate rolls used for the larger towers and fingers for the smaller towers. Rolos and ORIOS created the detail around the base of the towers with Caramel Buttons and White Buttons creating the detail around the top of the towers. We made spears by melting chocolate into foil cones and cogs by painting chocolate patterns onto White Buttons… below is a step-by-step picture guide. 

All you really need to do is get creative with chocolate! Enjoy S&H