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Leyton Technical 1st Birthday Beer Festival

This weekend our favourite local drinking establishment has been celebrating its first birthday. Since becoming a permanent fixture post-Olympics it has also become a spot that we permanently take our friends and family to. So, we had to participate in this auspicious event! Taking it one step further, we found a ‘how to beer taste’* pointer list on the internet and set-to tasting. We got through 8 of the ales and a porter and here are our thoughts from least favourite to ‘please can I have another pint’…


8th –  Red Squirrel ‘Legally Blonde’ 4.0%

  • Appearance: light-medium brown and heady
  • Smell: really strange smell, very hoppy, chlorine was mentioned (warm swimming pool air)
  • Taste: the taste blows your mind, honey, hoppy, tangy, grassy
  • Overall: there are too many flavours which do not compliment each other, we would not go back for another one

7th Gyle ‘Pale and Bitter’ 5.0%

  • Appearance: light brown
  • Smell: very sweet smell, hoppy
  • Taste: we kid you not, this tastes like flat Fosters larger (described as when you come home from the shop with a 6-pack gagging for a pint so you put 5 in the freezer and battle through a luke-warm tinny – not nice)
  • Overall: cool it down and call it a larger

6th – Liverpool Organic ‘Best Bitter’ 4.2%

  • Appearance: light- medium brown
  • Smell: fresh biscuits, malty
  • Taste: very balanced
  • Overall: pleasant beer, but nothing special

5th Might Oak ‘Bobbing Along’ 3.8%

  • Appearance: medium brown
  • Smell: coffee, honey, tiramisu, flowery
  • Taste: watery and light with no real aftertaste
  • Overall: nothing wrong with this drink but not very memorable

4th Signature ‘Red Widge’ 4.7%

  • Appearance: mahogany (dark / red brown), flat
  • Smell: no smell (which we found odd!)
  • Taste: burnt, charcoal, dark treacle
  • Overall: nice intense flavours but a bit watery so the taste disappears quicker that you would like

3rd Magic Rock ‘The Magic Spanner’ 3.9%

  • Appearance: pale brown, flat
  • Smell: sweet, flowers and honey
  • Taste: tangy, sharpe, hoppy and floral
  • Overall: a very rounded drink

2nd Darkstar ‘Hophead’ 3.8%

  • Appearance: light brown, flat
  • Smell: flowery, hoppy
  • Taste: light ale with a lovely honey aftertaste
  • Overall: this would make an excellent session beer – back tonight boys?

1st Brewsters ‘Hop-A-Doodle-Do’ 4.3%

  • Appearance: medium brown, flat
  • Smell: caramel, sweet, yum
  • Taste: smooth and sweet
  • Overall: very rounded drink with hints of pudding, please can we have another pint?

The London Porter

  • Appearance: very dark
  • Smell: burnt, lightly aniseedy
  • Taste: smokey, charcoly, coffee, chocolaty goodness (kinky, filth)
  • Overall: quite thin for a Porter but yummy non-the-less

* Beardy does not beer taste, he beer drinks

images below from Leyton Technical Facebook page: