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Graz – Austria – where to eat / best restaurant: Frankowitsch

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Although it is the second largest city in Austria, after Vienna, we were unaware of the cultural city of Graz. We had done our foodie research and everyone online raves about Frankowitsch for its breakfasts and cakes. On an evening walk whilst sussing out the intricate backstreets we uncovered its location. An Austrian passerby gave us a gushing appraisal in German about how fabulous-a-place it was. We were sold and returned for our lunch the next day.

Frankowitsch is very popular with the local residents. The tables and chair outside were packed as we made our way inside. A brightly lit counter showcased their range of open sandwiches with every colour and topping imaginable. The only concern that you have is how many sandwiches you can possibly fit in your stomach. We chose a mix of meats, fish, egg and cheese. And like everyone before, strongly recommend that you fit Frankowitsch into your itinerary.


Some other useful notes if you are off to Graz: 

  • Glöckl Bräu: well priced food, a good selection of Austrian beer. Those feeling brave should try the Schneider Wisse unser Auentinus 8.2%, it will make you very giggly!
  • Torina Fiesta: if you find yourself with a free evening head to Prokopigasse where a cute bar has very recently opened. We stumbled across it after a hardcore day of sightseeing and befriended the Brazilian barman who makes an excellent cocktail. We had a break from Austrian food, snacking on grilled meat and salad.
  • Schloss Eggenberg: although located slightly away from the centre, a visit to Schloss Eggenberg is a must, we would recommend the tour of 24 grand stately rooms
  • 24hr Museum ticket: there are loads of museums to see, you can buy a ticket for EUR 11 which will gain you access to most museums, including Schloss Eggenberg



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we love wine, we love food and we love sharing

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