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Vienna – Austria – where to eat / best restaurant: Figlmüller Wollzeile

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The last leg of our adventure landed us in Vienna – the capital and largest city of Austria. It took us a while to get used to the hustle and bustle of a major city after being in the smaller cities of Salzburg and Graz. Vienna is best explored in the evening when the large tour groups have dispersed and there is room to breathe and take in the stunning architecture.

We had booked ourself into Figlmüller Wollzeile in advance, and it was a good job that we did as they were turning away custom all night. Famous for its Schnitzel, we had been saving ourselves for this sizeable Austrian classic. Even though the restaurant is an obvious tourist trap, it is still quaint and intimate. We orderd a traditional House Schnitzel (pork) with a roast potato gratin and a Chicken Schnitzel with a side salad. The reviews had not lied about size with the House Schnitzel barely contained on its plate and the Chicken Schnitzel consisting of three whole breasts! The Chicken Schnitzel came up trumps with a flavoursome batter and a well seasoned salad with potato, cabbage, carrot and green leaves. We washed it down with  Blauer Zweigelt Classic  2012 a raspberry coloured red wine with good hold that was not too strong or sweet and complimented the meat well.

 Some other useful notes if you are off to Vienna: 

  • Salm Bräu: we were a bit disappointed when we visited this brewery/restaurant. We had read raving reviews about their pork knuckle and beer selection, but rather than feeling like a homely family brewery it was quite commercial and very crowded.
  • Zanoni & Zanoni: for some of the best ice cream ever!
  • Naschmarkt: a vast but somewhat limited market. There are a few restaurants that you can have a sit down meal in, but the majority of the food stalls sell dried fruit and sweats or fruit and veg. You will struggle to find a nice takeaway lunchbox or sandwich.
  • Suite Novotel Wien City: we risked the Secret Hotel on and found ourselves at the Novotel, it is located ideally next to a main tube and the room was really big and spacious (images online do not do it justice). We would not recommend buying into the breakfast because it is badly managed.



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we love wine, we love food and we love sharing

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