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Trogir – Croatia – would not recommend a visit

For the last leg of our holiday we traveled to Trogir which is a short coach ride away from Split. We would not recommend that you visit the area if you have spent time in Split because Trogir is a smaller, less impressive and touristy version of the former.

We visited the number one restaurant according to TripAdvisor at the time Don Dino and were hugely disappointed by the set lunch. Although we ordered two different pasta dishes the sauces were the same, the gnocchi was hard and the feta salad should have just been called a feta plate and was really salty. It did not really hit the spot.

Luckily we stayed in a really lovely apartment Ulica Matije Gupca 25 which had a lovely outdoor courtyard. We made use of this for a few of our meals enjoying a takeaway pizza from Riva one night and a large picnic from Konzum (the local supermarker) on another.


Although the majority of the restaurants and cafes felt incredibly busy and bit ‘samey’ Café Bar Dovani is worth a visit for its ice cream Sundaes, one of which looks like Spag Bol!


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Vis – Croatia – where to eat / best restaurant: Konoba Stončica

After a couple of nights in Split we embarked on our next adventure to Vis the farthest inhabited island off the Croatian mainland. The ferry took a couple of hours and as we entered the harbour we were both pretty chuffed that we had decided to visit. Vis is stunning.

The island itself is not huge with an area of 90.26 square kilometres but it felt like there was a lot to do and the size of the island makes it accessible for exploration! All around the edges of the island are small intimate beaches and our host had recommended a small sandy beach which stood out amongst the pebble beaches we had become accustomed to in Croatia. This adventure led us to discover Konoba Stončica which was our favorite find on the island.

We rented bicycles to get there and where feeling pretty parched as we manoeuvred our way down the side of a hill to lock up our bikes.  Only intending to stay for a drink our eyes were drawn to the food and we stayed for 3 hours! Here we discovered some delicious Croatian Rose that we later discovered was a highly rated brand, the best Octopus Salad we have ever had and Croatian’s can cook potatoes as well as my mum’s Sunday Roasties. Again, the fish came out on a silver plate and they only had the freshest in stock (some items on the menu were not available because they had not been caught) and again we feasted on the best seafood that the Dalmatian sea had to offer. The total bill came to 575.00kn (2 people). After the meal we enjoyed some snorkelling in the sea.

TripAdviosr’s no 1 restaurant at the time of publishing this post is Roki’s. They specialize in ‘Peka’. A Peka is a large metal baking dish with a bell-shaped dome lid. It is used to cook food in an open fireplace, with hot coals and embers placed on top of the dome for even, slow cooking. You need to book 3 hours in advance and we chose the lamb. All the vegetables where freshly plucked from their gardens and their wine is home-made. The restaurant is situated in the heart of Vis and the owner will arrange a car to pick you up. It is worth a visit if you have the time. The total bill came to 496.12kn (2 people)

Some other useful notes if you are off to Vis:  

  • Outdoor Cinema: for 25kn you can sit out under the stars and watch one of the latest blockbusters (in English with Croatian subtitles, need a total of 8 people for the film to show)
  • Rent a bike: to get to all the beaches
  • Rent a Scooter: to get to Komiža which is the other side of the island. Ride through all the vineyards that make up 20% of the arable land
  • War History: we did not find the time to do it, but Vis is island steeped in war history. As well as tours revealing Vis’s secrets, there is a World War Two US bomber at the bottom of the ocean if you are into Scuba Diving. One for our to do list next time.

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Istrian Wine Tasting in Pula (Croatia)

We have just come back from a wonderful holiday in Pula in Croatia. I had no preconceived notions of what to expect aside from some stunning views.  Our all inclusive holiday (whoop!) led us to the heart of Istria, the largest peninsula in Croatia, situated in the northern Adriatic. I can confirm the scenery is amazing, the weather was perfect, the coast is clean, the seawater is really clear (we enjoyed some Scuba Diving) AND the food and wine is top notch!!

Not one to shy away from the activities on offer at the hotel, I was front of the class for the wine tasting.

The geographical setting of Istria is certainly a big factor in their wine. During Roman domination Pula, which is very close to Italy, got the rank of a Roman colony, and the Romans bought with them Ampitheatres, Catholisism and grapes.

We tried three wines Vina Laguna Rose, Medea Malvazija Istarska and Medea Merlot.


Vina Laguna Rose 2013 12.0%

Some in the group would usually shy away from a Rose, but this was a refreshing summer wine that everyone enjoyed.

  • Description: Fruity, crisp and light.
  • Serve at 10 degrees.

Medea Malvazija Istarska 2014 13.5%

We were told not to drink Istrian wine from 2014 as the rain last year had drained away the sugars in the grapes. However, this young, straw yellow wine was very paletable!

  • Description: Flowery smell, apples, honey, fresh and expressed.
  • Serve at 10 degrees.

Medea Merlot 2013 13.5%

The Romans did much to spread the viticulture throughout the world. The final wine that we tasted was the favourite; the dense, ruby red Merlot (French grape) with good Croatian ‘Wine Tears’ (rather than legs as we usually describe it). It complimented the cheese from Istria (which was similar to a Chedder).

  • Description: Tannings, rich, forrest fruits, cloves, vanilla, dry and balanced.
  • Serve at 18-20 degrees, open 30 mins before serving.

If you have a chance to visit Pula, I would recommend it. We stayed at Park Plaza Histria Pula. Our lovely Guest and Entertainment Officer Antonia lead the wine tasting as well as cycling, Pilates, fitness, arts and crafts and cooking presentations to name but a few. We Scuba Dived with Orca:

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A meal to remember: T-Bone Steak & Homemade Coleslaw

Today our Saturday has involved waking up, buying some cake making equipment, visiting the local market for our weekly veggies and then popping into our favorite Butchers – W T Parish. We weren’t too sure what meat we fancied, I suggested sausages, but we had already devoured 6 stunning Lincolnshire Sausages purchased from the East Midlands Food and Wine Festival this week and we like to ensure we consume a variety of foods!

Our greedy eyes moved towards the steaks… filet steaks, rump steaks…we must have looked slightly lost as our Butcher came over to rescue us from a meat overload. He knew what we needed, a T-bone steak that had been matured for 24 days – a fabulous piece of meat taken from the whole sirloin. On one side of the bone is a piece of tender fillet (for the ladies); on the other side is a piece of flavorsome sirloin steak (so it’s a big enough cut for the men). Two steaks set us back £14.00, the same price that we would have paid for two filet steaks.

We kept it simple. We seasoned the T-bone, preheated a pan and then quickly pan-fried it for three minutes on either side until medium-rare. We served it with homemade potato wedges and homemade coleslaw which both go really really well with steaks!

The coleslaw itself deserves a shout out – it is a tasty way to get raw veggies into your tum and is nothing like the wet, high fat, plasticy rubbish that gets packaged up and called ‘coleslaw’ in supermarkets… go on, have a go; I defy you to eat freshly made coleslaw and ever go back to the pre-packaged stuff!

Coleslaw Ingredients:

  1. ½ White Cabbage
  2. 1 small Red Onion
  3. 2 medium Carrots
  4. Light Mayo
  5. Squeeze of Lemon Juice
  6. Paprika to top
  7. Raisins (optional)

Just chop 1-3 up as big or fine as you like! Put a blob of Mayo in, Squeeze the lemon and sprinkle with Paprika… ta da! Off for a 5k walk now!


A meal to remember: mountains of Buffalo cheese, handmade pasta and more…

This epic meal was thought up after the S&H Team had been to visit the village in Italy that Marco and Agnese come from. After devouring a lot of very fresh Buffalo Mozzarella in Italy we did some research to see if we could find cheese of a similar quality here in London and Marco discovered Laverstoke Farm – Much to our delight we discovered that we could order the cheese online and it would be delivered straight to our doorstep for the weekend. A few clicks later and £30 out of pocket we had ordered large Buffalo Mozzarella balls, Buffalo Bocconcini, organic Buffalo Milk Brie and Buffalo Ricotta. Marco invested in a brand new ravioli cutter… we meant business!

We were all giddy as the day of the meal was upon us! With the mixed antipasti we tackled the Buffalo Mozzarella balls, we all agreed that we preferred the larger ball to the Bocconcini version and we were very please to find that the cheese was much fresher and milkier that you would get from your favorite supermarket.

Marco showed us how a professional creates pasta using Nonna’s recipe… we had to steady the table against the wall as he used his whole body to kneed the doe into a workable pasta ball before pressing it through a pasta machine. From this he created tagliatelle and ravioli – which he stuffed with some Buffalo Ricotta. James tackled the sauces – chopping up pig’s trotters for the tagiatelle and creating an amazing tomato based pork ragu to go onto the ravioli.

At this point it would be fair to say that we were all rather stuffed and some of us (me) had been pretending to be a wine tasting concur – or at least I had been tasting all the wines… we managed to slow roast the Pork Belly however, the celeriac mash, pan fried brussels sprouts with truffle oil in a port and cider sauce never emerged. However, the boys rather enjoyed munching on Pork Belly and avocado sandwiches the morning after…

Check out the pictures below! Yummm

S&H Team